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Choosing a Plumber

It is best to have a plumber for your home before you really need one. Plumbers have a list of clients that they service. Good plumbers are very busy and don't always have time for an emergency for a homeowner they don't know. If you need to find a plumber and hopefully it isn't an immediate emergency, then there are some helpful tips in choosing the right plumber for you and your home.

Ask your neighbors. They are always the best reference. If you call a plumber and say they are recommended by your neighbor, then they are more likely to want you as a customer too. A plumbing contractor can save a lot of time and money traveling if all his or her customers are in close proximity to each other.

Plumbers also need to pull permits in the town if the amount of work they are doing is over a particular value. If a plumber works regularly in your area then they will have easier time getting the permit from the town or county.

Ask building contractors in your area about local plumbers too. Most local building contractors have worked with many plumbers and know which ones are the better ones.

Most importantly, get to know your plumber. So when that pipe bursts at the most unfortunate hour, having a local plumber you can call and trust, can be a lifesaver.

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